Public Works Facilities Division

The Facilities Division consists of four sections: Building Services, Construction Services, Facilities, Maintenance & Operations - Redwood City, Facilities, Maintenance & Engineering - Health & Hospital, The Facilities Deputy Director, section managers, and skilled craft and maintenance personnel including supervisors, leads, and support positions staff the division.

Building Services

The Building Services section provides janitorial services and a variety of building services for 73 County facilities, with a total square footage of approximately 1,767,000. This section consists of a Facilities Support Services Manager, two Supervising Custodians, Utility Workers, Custodians, and a Parking Lot Attendant. Core activities include interior office maintenance, exterior office maintenance, receipt and delivery of supplies, room set-up and office configuration, and parking control.

Construction Services

Construction Services provides competitive professional crafts services beyond the scope of routine maintenance provided by the Facilities Operations and Maintenance section, and contracts with the County and Cities to provide carpentry, graffiti abatement, and lighting district services. Trades represented include electrical, plumbing, carpentry and painting. Construction Services is staffed by the Construction Manager; skilled craft and maintenance workers; utility workers; and office support staff. Work activities are varied and range from remodels to new construction.

Facilities Maintenance & Operations - Redwood City

The Facilities Maintenance & Operations - Redwood City section is responsible for the operation, maintenance, installation and repair of machinery and equipment in County operated buildings. This includes HVAC systems, boilers, lighting systems, refrigeration, generators, water treatment, and emergency power systems. It also includes crafts services such as carpentry, painting, plumbing, and lock smithing services required to maintain County facilities. A Facilities Services Manager; two Supervising Stationary Engineers; a Crafts Supervisor; Stationary Engineers; Carpenters; Painters & Locksmiths; and Utility workers; and an Office Specialist position staff the section. Work activities are varied and range from hanging doors to monitoring and adjusting computerized heating and ventilation systems.

Use of County Buildings or Property Permit

The Department of Public Works is responsible for reviewing and approving applications for the use of County buildings and grounds. Individuals and organizations interested in hosting an event at a County facility are invited to submit the permit application attached below.