• The Commission is comprised of eleven voting members appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve three-year terms. As with all other County commissions, individuals may be re-appointed to serve a maximum of twelve years.

    Member Name Title City Appointment Date Term Expiration
    Rebecca Carabez Commissioner Daly City 5/1/18 6/30/24
    VACANCY Commissioner partial term 7/1/21 6/30/24
    Krystal Cansino Commissioner South San Francisco 7/1/21 6/30/24
    Bismay Mishra Commissioner Redwood City 8/1/20 6/30/26
    Christopher Sturken Commissioner Redwood City 10/6/20 6/30/26
    Dana Johnson Commissioner Daly City 7/1/19 6/30/25
    Evaine Young Commissioner Redwood City 2/14/23 6/30/24
    Craig Wiesner Commissioner Daly City 11/3/15 6/30/25
    Aaron Adriano Commissioner South San Francisco 11/1/22 6/30/26
    Jana Rickerson Commissioner Pacifica 11/1/22 6/30/25
    Marilyn Hollinger Commissioner South San Francisco 11/1/22 6/30/25