As part of the FY 22-23 LAFCo workplan, the Commission authorized a special study of Broadmoor Police Protection District (BPPD or District) to evaluate the District’s operations and services since the adoption of the 2015 North County Cities & Special Districts municipal service review (MSR)/sphere of influence (SOI) study. The Special Study focused on BPPD’s operations, finances and governance.


  • November 2022
  • January 2023
    • Commission continued the BPPD Special Study item to allow for additional public outreach to the residents of Broadmoor.
  • March
    • Commission approved the Final BPPD Special Study and directed staff to:
      • Request that the District respond in writing with their agreement or disagreement of the key issues and recommendations identified in the Special Study for the May 17, 2023 meeting.
      • Present updates regarding BPPD, the implementation of the Study’s recommendations and fiscal conditions.
      • Present an informational item regarding LAFCo-initiated dissolutions at the May 17, 2023 meeting.
    • Link to staff report with Final Special Study
  • May
  • July
    • 90-day update
  • September
    • 6-month update
  • March 2024
    • 12-month update