Date of Incorporation: October 29, 1926

Services Provided: Planning, police, public works, parks and recreation (see Belmont Fire Protection District, a subsidiary of the City)

Area: 4.6 square miles

Population: 27,174 (CA Department of Finance 2019)

Sphere of Influence: Boundaries of 1984 plus a portion of Harbor Industrial Area

City Council

The City of Belmont is governed by a five-member city council elected to four-year terms.

Council Member Term Ending
Davina Hurt 2024
Gina Latimerlo 2026
Julia Mates 2024
Robin Pang-Maganaris 2026
Tom McCune 2024

The city council meets regularly the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.

All meetings are held at the City Council Chambers, City Hall, One Twin Pines Lane, Belmont, CA 94002.

Meeting time is 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted in the agenda. Future agendas are posted at least 72 hours prior to regular meetings and 24 hours prior to special meetings.

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