Child with braces smiling
The Program

The Maureen Borland Orthodontics Endowment Fund provides funding for children's orthodontic needs. The program works closely with a child's family, various dental offices, and other departments of San Mateo County to put an orthodontia package together for the child in need.

The goal of the Children's Fund Orthodontic Program is to improve the confidence, health, and well-being of children in our Child Welfare Department, by ensuring they receive critical orthodontic care that maximizes their health potential. Our program acts as the last resort for families who are unable to pay for this treatment on their own. We believe all children deserve the health benefits and confidence boost that come with a functional, beautiful smile. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

To qualify a child must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Referred by a social worker
  • San Mateo County resident
  • Active child welfare recipient
  • Between 10-18 years old
  • Requires orthodontic treatment and has good oral hygiene (certified by a dentist)
  • Denied by current dental insurance or does not have dental coverage
  • Has an HLD score of 20 or above (issued by a dentist)
  • Secure a discount with a dentist for treatment costs

* for more eligibility requirements please contact us*

Children we serve

The Children’s Fund plans to serve approximately 30 children each year. We keep this number of children served small to ensure that we are serving only those who genuinely need our help the most and have no where else to turn. Our sponsorship has a significant long-term impact on their lives, and we hope to be able to serve every eligible child who applies this year.  

Children are asked to keep us updated in their treatment and we receive notes and pictures of their successes. One thirteen year old girl named Gemma told us, “I’m expressing a sincere Thank You for helping me get my smile beautiful. I hope other people are able to receive beautiful smiles like mine. Thank you to everyone who helped me in this process. I feel very happy because you are all wonderful people with very big hearts. God bless you.”

Want to donate to this program?

Please visit the Donation Page to find out how.

Want to donate your dental services to this program?

Please visit the Donation Page to find out how or contact us at or 650-802-5152.