Construction Plan Two-Week Look Ahead

Description and location of construction work over the next two weeks (March 6 to March 17, 2023) and the location:

  • Middlefield Road Day Closures and Detours.  Location: Middlefield Road - Southbound and Northbound from 3rd Ave to 5th Ave: Pothole work and Calwater water line relocation on Middlefield Road. Flaggers controlling one lane traffic from 3rd to 5th avenues. Please follow signs for detours. Sam Trans buses will be allowed to pass thru Middlefield Road and pedestrians access will be available 
  • Location: Middlefield Road - Southbound from  First Ave to Fourth Ave: Sidewalk completed and pedestrian access to all business is available. Performing roadway work including water line relocation and constructing new roadway. Expect noise impacts to businesses near the area where work will be taking place. Dust control efforts will be in place while this work is underway.
  • Location: Middlefield Road - Southbound from Fourth Ave to Fifth Ave: Performing formwork, sidewalk pour, streetlight installation and water line relocation. Expected noise impacts to businesses near the area where work will be taking place. Dust control efforts will be in place while this work is underway.
  • Location: Middlefield Road - Southbound from Douglas Ave to the railroad tracks: Performing sidewalk demolition, formwork and pour. Expected noise impacts to businesses near the area where work will be taking place. Dust control efforts will be in place while this work is underway.
  • Location: Middlefield Road - Northbound from Third Avenue to Fifth Avenue / Middlefield Road and Fifth Ave intersection: Performing potholing work. Expect significant impact to traffic and parking.
  • Location: Middlefield Road - Northbound from Third Avenue through Fifth Avenue intersection: Significant impact to traffic and parking due to partial intersection closure and detour. Expect Delays.
  • Location: Middlefield Road - Northbound and Southbound from Douglas Ave to Third Ave: Maintain traffic patterns, lane configurations and parking
  • NOTE: work is subject to change at any point due to unforeseen circumstances.

Satellite Office now Open!

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Come visit us and learn more about the Middlefield Road Improvement Project. If you have questions or comments about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to listen and chat with you.

Our new office located inside the Casa Circulo Cultural building, 3090 Middlefield Road. See flyer here

Opening Hours: Wednesday 9am-3pm. 

Free parking on Second Ave and Middlefield Rd!


Community Meetings

Two community meetings were scheduled in June 2021 to provide information to Middlefield Road businesses about the construction project and to answer any questions. Spanish translation was provided at both meetings.

  • Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 10:00am outside at the Middlefield Road Mural Parking lot (Middlefield Road and 2nd Avenue)
  • Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 10:00am via Zoom. Click here to see a video recording of the meeting.
Project Documents

Click here to go to the Project Documents page which contains presentations and other reports and documents for this project.

Existing Image Proposed Project Rendering
Middlfield Road - Existing Image
Overall Project Description

The Project consists of the following components: roadway improvements including a new traffic signal system near and including the South County Health Clinic (Clinic)/Redwood Junction driveway, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, utility undergrounding, sanitary sewer replacement work, public WiFi along the Project corridor, and replacing the existing streetlights with a new streetlight system. The roadway improvements will reconfigure Middlefield Road between Pacific Avenue and Fifth Avenue from a four-lane roadway to a three-lane roadway (one travel lane in each direction with a center left turn lane) with parallel parking, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks. The wider sidewalks will accommodate the street amenities recommended by the North Fair Oaks Community Council (benches, trees and landscaping, streetlights, trash receptacles, street art, and public spaces) and low-impact development features for stormwater quality management.

Utility Undergrounding

The utility undergrounding work will include placing the overhead utility wires underground and removing the existing utility poles between MacArthur Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Construction of new underground utility system will include utility trenches, generally in the new southbound travel lane of Middlefield Road, and utility vaults or boxes in the new sidewalk.

Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Sanitary sewer replacement work includes replacing the existing sewer lines between Douglas Avenue and Sixth Avenue as part of the Fair Oaks Sewer Maintenance District’s planned capital improvement work.

Clinic/Redwood Junction

The Clinic/Redwood Junction driveway work includes relocation and modification of the driveway, replacement and relocation of railroad track signal and equipment, and installation of a new traffic signal system with railroad preemption (connectivity of traffic signals to the railroad signal system and oncoming trains). Modifications required by the Union Pacific Railroad in connection with the traffic signal work include restricting traffic on Northside Avenue to only allow a right turn from Northside Avenue to Middlefield Road. Accessing Northside Avenue from Middlefield Road or turning left from Northside Avenue to Middlefield Road will not be allowed after the Project is completed.

SMC Labs

DPW is partnering with SMC Labs, the innovation arm of Information Services Department (ISD), to create an innovation layer of “Smart City” technologies and “Internet of Things” (IoT) solutions that would complement the streetscape design already created by DPW. The goal is to make this section of unincorporated Middlefield Road the most connected, data-driven corridor in the County. It is the County’s belief that if we put data and digital technology to work, it will result in better policy decisions and improved government service delivery. SMC Labs will be installing several advanced smart solutions to improve pedestrian and visitor access and arrival, enhance community experience and safety, support businesses, and provide insights to deliver new County services. These additions include free SMC Public Wi-Fi, smart parking, air quality monitors, connected streetlights, digital signage and kiosks, smart trash bins and benches, and traffic monitoring with built in pedestrian analytics. More information about these smart solutions can be found here: Presentation.

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Project Summary

Construction is underway

Middlefield Road, from south of Douglas Avenue to north of Sixth Avenue, in North Fair Oaks

District 4

Mid-May 2021

Winter 2023


San Mateo County Measure K funds for the Road Improvement work. 

SMC Public Works
SMC Office of Community Affairs
SMC Labs /
SMC Information Services Dept.

AECOM: Design and Construction Management
Granite Rock Construction: Construction Contractor

Questions Regarding Construction:
SMC Public Works - 
Main Line: 650-363-4100
Available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

All Other Project-Related Questions:
SMC Office of Community Affairs -
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