Construction Plan Look Ahead - Spring 2024

The majority of the project, which includes essential tasks such as trench excavation work for utility undergrounding, sanitary sewer replacement, roadway reconstruction, sidewalk widening and the installation of new trees and streetscape elements such as streetlights, pedestrian signals, bike racks, smart benches and traffic signals, has been completed. 

Please note, although streetlights have been installed throughout the project corridor and a new traffic signal system with railroad preemption (connectivity of traffic signals to the railroad signal system and oncoming trains) has been installed in and around the railroad tracks between Pacific Avenue and Hurlingame Avenue, these will not be functional until Union Pacific Railroad  (UPRR) replaces the existing rail road signals and utility undergrounding work, the second part of the project, is completed. 

MRIP schedule

Utility undergrounding, which involves relocating the existing overhead electrical and communication lines to an underground trench between Douglas Avenue and Fifth Avenue, will soon commence. This part of the project is estimated to take about 18 months to complete, with PG&E scheduled to begin work in summer of 2024 followed by the telecommunication companies. 

During this part of the project, every effort will be made to minimize impacts to businesses and residents. PG&E and the telecommunication companies will be required to notify you prior to any service outages during the conversion process and maintain access to your property. 

Utility Undergrounding - Anticipated Schedule of Work

Phase of Work Dates of Work*
Service Lines and panel conversions to businesses Completed (included in Part 1 of the Project)
Street trench excavation Completed (included in Part 1 of the Project)
Pull power electrical cables and energize underground cables Anticipated Completed: Winter 2024
Pull cable TV and telephone cable Anticipated Completion: Summer 2025
Remove utility poles Anticipated Completion: Fall 2025

*Schedule provided above is subject to change  and coordinated by each telecommunication company

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Project Description

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Existing Image Proposed Project Rendering
Middlfield Road - Existing Image
Artist rendition of future Middlefield Rd
Check out this flyover simulation.

Project Summary

Construction is underway

Middlefield Road, from south of Douglas Avenue to north of Sixth Avenue, in North Fair Oaks

District 4

Mid-May 2021

Winter 2023


San Mateo County Measure K funds for the Road Improvement work. 

SMC Public Works
SMC Office of Community Affairs
SMC Information Services Dept.

AECOM: Design and Construction Management
Granite Rock Construction: Construction Contractor

Questions Regarding Construction:
SMC Public Works - 
Main Line: 650-363-4100
Available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

All Other Project-Related Questions:
SMC Office of Community Affairs -
Main Line: 650-363-1800
Available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm