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Public Works provides sewer collection services for residents and businesses in the ten sewer maintenance and sanitation districts within the County. 

The sewer collection service program is primarily funded by the Sewer Service Charges that are levied on properties that receive sewer service from the Districts. The Sewer Service Charge is collected annually on the property tax bill. Sewer Service Charge rates for the ten County Sewer Maintenance and Sanitation Districts are set by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors and are described in Section 4.32.020 of the Ordinance Code. Public Works personnel maintain the sewer mains in a street or easement and related facilities that comprise the collection system. Ownership and maintenance of sewer laterals -- the sewer line that connects the plumbing of a house or business to the sewer main -- are the property owner's responsibility. Click on the link to view an illustration of the sewer main and sewer lateral. Section 4.24 of the Ordinance Code governs sewer mains and laterals.

If you live in one of the County service areas and the Sanitary Sewer in the street is overflowing  please contact the County at (650) 363-4100 (24 hours a day).


The County does not operate sewage treatment facilities. Sewage flows from the collection systems in County districts to sewage treatment plants operated by the Silicon Valley Clean Water (formerly South Bayside System Authority), or the cities of Burlingame or San Mateo. The County Sewer/Sanitation Districts pay the plant or city that treats the sewage.