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Project No. 08H21; Project File No. E5083


Near 2180 Higgins Canyon Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

About the Project

The slip-out repair project will repair the failing embankments and damaged pavements near 2180 Higgins Canyon Road. The work to be done consists, in general, of installing geocomposite earthwork, soldier piles and lagging retaining wall, tiebacks, drainage improvements, and installing a rock slope protection revetment with plantings, and erosion control/slope protection.

Public Works Contact

Wency Ng
Senior Engineer


Minerva Construction, Inc.

  • February 2023 - Subsurface geotechnical investigation completed. Consultant has performed laboratory test for subsurface soils from corings at 3 different locations on site. Additional landslide and damages to the road were observed, which led to full closure of the road.
  • March 2023 - The road is currently closed due to unsafe conditions. The design consultant has prepared a draft geotechnical report for the repair recommendations. Design for the repair is anticipated to begin in April 2023.
  • April 2023 – Public Zoom Meeting held on Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Please click Here for the recorded Public Zoom Meeting on April 13, 2023

  • May 2023 – Site inspection with FEMA conducted on May 15, 2023. Draft Alternative Analysis and 15% Design were completed. 75% Design in progress.

  • June 2023 - 75% Design completed.

  • July 2023 - 100% Design completed. Finalized construction documents for public bid.

  • August 3, 2023 – Project invitation to bids has begun, see project out to bid page here

  • September 2023 – The Project has been awarded to the low bidder: Minerva Construction, Inc. Construction is anticipated to start in October 2023. 

  • October 2023 - Contractor mobilized and performed field survey work. Trees were identified with County arborist for removal.

  • November 2023 - Contractor started tree removal work and the installation of steel soldier piles for the inboard wall. Heavy traffic delays in this area therefore road use is not recommended to the public.

  • December 2023 - Contractor installed steel soldier piles for the inboard wall. The site will be winterized for rainy season. Contractor will install erosion control measures in January 2024. The road will remain open until construction restarts in Spring 2024. Remaining construction works will require a full road closure. Advanced notifications will be sent prior to the restart of construction.
  • January 2024 - Construction is temporarily on hold due to wet weather conditions. Construction will resume in March/April depending on weather conditions. Site winterization measures are in progress (temp road repair/drainage swale). Road is anticipated to be closed from March/April 2024 to summer 2024. Road is open currently only to local traffic.
  • February 2024 - The construction site has been winterized. Contractor installed temporary erosion control measures. Currently road is open to local traffic only.

  • March 2024​ - ​​​​​As a result of inclement weather, construction is on hold until April 2024.  Another reassessment of the project site and weather will take place at the end of March to determine a more precise construction restart date. Advanced notifications will be sent out after a date has been set to resume construction.

  • April 2024
    • The Contractor will be resuming work at this location after work was suspended over the winter and should re-mobilize to the site on April 15, 2024.
    • Full closure of the road at this location will be in effect from April 15, 2024, until August 2024, pending no unexpected delays. (Click here for the April 2024 Notification)
    • The Department explored the possibility of providing pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access during construction through the work area but concluded it was not feasible.
    • All pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic will be required to utilize Purisima Creek Road as a detour during the road closure.
  • May 2024 - Construction resumed April 15. Higgins Canyon Road is closed where construction is underway, with public detour via Purisima Creek. Road excavation and clear grubbing activity is in progress.

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Location_Map_2180+2665Location Map 2180 Higgins Initial Site InvestigationInitial Site Investigation 2180 Higgins Canyon Rd - Looking SouthFacing South 2180 Higgins Canyon Rd - Looking NorthFacing North Drilling for Piles Dec 2023Drilling for Piles (December 2023) Installation of Steel Beam (December 2023)Installation of Steel Beam (December 2023) Steel Beams Installed (December 2023)Steel Beams Installed (December 2023) 2180 Higgins Site #1 January 2024January 2024