The LGBTQ Commission is committed to creating and revising work plans to address the issues that impact the LGBTQ communities in San Mateo County. 

After intentional reflection and assessment of 2020 projects, along with the addition of three new commissioners, the LGBTQ Commission created new ad hoc work groups with focus on three areas: visibility, safety, and data. The following are the Work Plans for each group that have been started in December 2020 and will continue through 2022. Tanya Beat, Director of the LGBTQ Commission, works with each committee and attends all committee meetings.

Visibility Committee:

Co-chairs: Giuliana Garcia, Krystle Cansino
Members: Bismay Mishra, Christopher Sturken, Steve Disselhorst

Safety Committee:

Co-Chairs:  Rev Terri Echelbarger, Dana Johnson
Members:  Craig Wiesner, Linda Wolin


Data Committee:

Co-Chairs: Rebecca Carabez, Dena Sexton
Members:  Lelan Anders, Bismay Mishra, Christopher Sturken