Supervisor Slocum's Committees for 2023

Much of the work of a county supervisor takes place on the various boards and commissions that we serve on. These committees further the work of the county and play important roles in moving our collective agenda forward. Some of these committees are focused locally on San Mateo County and some are focused regionally. All play an important role in policy and program delivery. I'm proud to represent the Board of Supervisors on the following Boards and Commissions:

Regional Boards and Commissions

San Mateo County Boards and Commissions

Your Opportunities To Serve!

The County of San Mateo has 35 Boards and Commissions whose members help to improve the quality of life in San Mateo County. I invite you to review them, and if you're interested, please apply!  We depend on dedicated commissioners to develop policy recommendations and raise awareness for the work underway. Whenever creative minds gather to make things better - we all benefit!   

Here are the Boards and Commissions:

Here are the posted current vacancies: