1. The special assessment data MUST be submitted in ASCII text format and should not have any data delimiters (including spaces and tabs), periods, commas, decimal points, headers or footers. An ASCII text formatted file can be produced using a simple text editor such as Microsoft Notepad or Wordpad.

2. The data must be submitted to the Controller's Office via e-mail.

3. Each record should be 80 characters long and be formatted as shown below:

Data Name Length Position
Charge Type 1 Character 1
Charge Code 3 Characters 2-4
Parcel ID 9 Characters 5-13
Charge Amount 8 Numeric (2 decimals) 14-21
Filler 59 Blank Characters 22-80


4. A sample of properly formatted data is shown below



In the first line of the above example the charge type is 6, charge code is F33, parcel number is 022-540-157, and the charge amount is $555.00. The remainder of the line is padded with spaces.

5. Files with improperly formatted data will be returned to sending Agency for correction.

6. The following information must be included in the e-mail:

  • Special District assessment name
  • Assessment/charge code (3 characters)
  • Dollar total for assessment
  • Highest and lowest parcel assessment amounts
  • Total number of parcels
  • Name, telephone, email, and mailing address of the responsible contact person in your organization
  • Current telephone number for property tax payers to call if they have questions specific to your assessment
  • Date created

7. Submitting corrected data: After submitting your initial data, proof lists will be provided for your review. If necessary, make corrections to your data and then resubmit the entire file with ALL parcels. Do NOT send partial data that contains just the corrected parcels, unless specifically instructed by Controller's Office.