Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer you need, please call us at (650) 363-4777 or email us at

How can I obtain answers to my tax bill questions?

Please see the Tax Collector's website for answers to these and other related questions:

  • Can I make partial payments?
  • Can I pay my taxes using a check, money order, or credit card?
  • I lost my tax bills. Can you send me another one or fax me a copy?
  • How can I arrange for a payment plan?
  • I just sold my house and paid my taxes for the whole year. Do I get a refund?
  • Why did you send me a bill? I already paid the mortgage company.
Where do my property tax dollars go?

Information on how property tax dollars are distributed can be found in the Controller's Property Tax Highlights Publication.  If you would like more information, please contact Amanda Johnson, Property Tax Manager, at (650) 599-1170 or

How can I obtain a copy of the County's Tax Rate Book?

You can download the Property Tax Rate Book from our website.

Who do I talk to about my property tax refund?

For questions about your property tax refund below contact the following Controller's Office Property Tax Staff:

  • Unsecured Property Taxes: Namita Easrani, (650) 363-4658 or (Unsecured taxes are assessed against property that can be relocated such as business fixtures and boats.)
  • Secured Property Taxes: Nathan Gee, (650) 599-1141 or (Secured taxes are assessed against real property such as land or structures.)
  • Supplemental Taxes: Alan Quan, (650) 599-1084 or (Supplemental taxes are taxes resulting from a change in ownership or new construction.)
How can I obtain information about lowering my property tax bill?

Please visit the Assessor's website when inquiring about the following:

  • Is affordable housing exempt from taxes?
  • How do I transfer ownership of a property I acquired from my parents?
  • How can I have my property reassessed?
  • How do I find out about a tax exemption for my property?
  • We had Prop. 13 in the county we used to live in. Can we continue to have the same benefits if we move to San Mateo County?
  • I have equipment used in my business. I already paid sales tax on it. Why am I being taxed again?
How can I obtain copies of the County's budget and financial statements?

The County's budget and audited financial reports are available online using the links below: