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Project No. ASL03; Project File No. E5077


620 Airport Way, San Carlos, CA 94070

About the Project

The San Carlos Airport Runway and Connector Taxiways Rehabilitation Project includes rehabilitating the outer 12 feet of the runway and connector taxiway pavement, stabilizing the existing infield areas, crack sealing and applying a seal coat to the pavement, and replacing pavement markings and edge lighting and signs.

Public Works Contact

Wency Ng
Senior Civil Engineer


DeSilva Gates Construction LLC

Project Status


September 2023 to October 2023 –  The following construction milestones were completed:            

  • All lights, signs, vaults, cans conduits have been removed.
  • New lighting systems were installed and cemented into place where soil stabilizing will not take place
  • Asphalt grinders were onsite and removed 12’ from edge of pavement into the runway and connector taxiways.
  • Crew completed soil stabilization and pavement work.

November 2023 - Crew completed the final striping for the runway.

December 2023 to January 2024 – Work is on-hold pending delivery of electrical components.

February 2024 - Final electrical components were installed after a back order of parts were delivered on site.

March 2024 - Construction has been substantially completed and the project is in the punch list phase.

For more information, please contact the airport administrative office at 650-573-3700 or

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