Khoa was appointed as Deputy Director – Road Services Division, DPW in March 2020, following a 22-yrs. career at PCJPB/CalTrain and at the County of Santa Clara.

Khoa first joined the County in 1990 as an Assistant Engineer in the County of San Mateo, Department of Public Works, Flood Control and Water Resources Division after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin. A lifelong “Longhorn”, he bleeds burnt orange. After an initial 7-yrs. career at DPW, he continued to develop his knowledge and gained additional valuable experience working at PCJPB/CalTrain (Land Development and Rail Design/Construction) and at County of Santa Clara (Parks & Rec Department and Roads and Airports Department). Following a 22-yrs. career at both PCJPB/Caltrain and County of Santa Clara, he returned to the County of San Mateo, Department of Public Work, serving in his current capacity as Deputy Director of the Road Services Division.

As an immigrant that escaped Communist Viet Nam by boat in 1977 and immigrated to the US in 1978, he truly believes, understands, and embodies the County core values: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and incorporates these core values into his Vision and dedication to public services at the Road Services Division.

Khoa is happily married to his wife (Jenny Nhan) of 30+ years and both are proud parents of two adult children. He and his wife have recently started playing pickleball together to spend more time together, stay active, and have enjoyed playing in a number of pickleball tournaments.

Khoa Vo portrait
Khoa Vo
Deputy Director of Road Services