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Construction from May 2022 to November 2022


The trail project is located on the inland (easterly) side of Highway 1 (the Cabrillo Highway), between Coronado Street and the City of Half Moon Bay boundary approximately 100 feet south of Mirada Road.  View a Google map »

About the Project

The trail will enable people to safely commute by bicycle or foot from El Granada to the south end of Miramar and will eventually serve as a connection to the Naomi Patridge trail within Half Moon Bay.  The trail will also include a connection to El Granada Elementary School in order to provide a safe route to school for students who live in the Miramar area.

Project Status


  • May 2022 - First working day: 5/23/2022. Contractor mobilized and set up traffic control. Required trees were removed and/or trimmed. Environmentally Sensitive Area fences were installed.
  • June 2022 - Dusky Footed Woodrats were found within project limits. Eight total nests were successfully relocated outside of work limit per the CDFW approved relocation plan.
  • July 2022 – Contractor coordinated with utility companies for potholing and resolving utility conflicts. 
  • October 2022 -
    • Current construction activities include; bridge foundation (near Miramar Drive), the vehicular barrier foundation running parallel to Hwy-1 (across from Magellan Ave), and misc. concrete scope (ADA ramps, medians, curb, gutter, etc.) along the Trail alignment, trail grading (performed until asphalt roadway is installed). 
    • Lead time for the bridge is the critical path item on account of supply chain issues with a tentative delivery date of February 2023.
  • November 2022
    • Contractor completed substantial concrete work: ADA ramps, median with traffic/electrical work, street/trail crossings, guardrail foundations, pedestrian bridge abutments.
    • Contractor paved portions of the pedestrian trail and finished all storm drain facilities.
  • December 2022
    • Main activities throughout the month were installing drainage culverts, grading/paving the trail, striping, general housekeeping, and installing signage.
  • January 2023
    • Main activities throughout the month were responding to the heavy rainfall with drainage improvement measures (trenching, extra rip-rap, swales, cleaning culverts, etc.), installing the decomposed granite at the trail shoulders, and finalizing the ST-70 vehicle barrier,
  • February 2023
    • Main activities throughout the month were removing the ESA Fence, addressing pre-liminary punch list items, and delivering/installing the new pedestrian bridge.
  • March 2023 - Contractor has been addressing punch list items. Drainage swales have been installed to address flooding issues along the trail. County staff met with Caltrans staff in preparation for closing the project.

Minerva Construction, Inc.

Public Works Contact

Alex Zhang 
Project Engineer 

Wency Ng 
Senior Engineer 

Project Advisory SignProject Advisory Sign Environmentally Sensitive Area fence between Hwy 1 and the TrailEnvironmental Fence Between Hwy1 and Trail Clearing and grubbing of the trailClearing and grubbing of the trail Tree removal at the proposed pedestrian bridge siteTree removal at the proposed pedestrian bridge site Railing and crash cushions installed along the Highway 1 shoulderRailing and crash cushions installed along the Highway 1 shoulder Utility potholing at the bridge siteUtility potholing at the bridge site MMT Construction AreaVicinity Map Trail Cross SectionTrail Cross Section Guardrail concrete foundationGuardrail concrete foundation - Nov 2022 Pedestrian bridge concrete abutmentPedestrian bridge concrete abutment - Nov 2022 Street and Trail crossingStreet and Trail crossing - Nov 2022 Trail pavingTrail paving - Nov 2022