General Information

Public Works operates County Service Area No. 7 (CSA 7) to provide potable water to approximately 70 customers in the La Honda community.  The water system also supplies two County facilities: Camp Glenwood Boys Ranch and Sam McDonald Park.

The CSA 7 water system is comprised of an intake and pump in Alpine Creek, a Water Treatment Plant, a 500,000-gallon storage tank and a distribution system. The Treatment Plant was constructed in the early 1990’s to meet Federal and State water quality requirements. Portions of the distribution system date back to the 1920’s, when the area was primarily a place for summer homes for affluent San Franciscans.

After Hours Emergency

Call (650) 363-4100. Wait for the phone to roll forward to the County Communications Center and the Dispatcher will notify the on-call staff-person.

Water Quality

Each year CSA 7 produces an Annual Water Quality Report called the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The CCR is a requirement of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Click here to view CSA 7’s 2022 Consumer Confidence Report.

Water Conservation

Finding ways to use water more wisely in the home can save both a precious natural resource and money. Click here for a virtual tour of the Water Saver House.

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