Voluntary Noise Abatement Program


Our goal is to minimize the noise annoyance experienced by our residential neighbors. We continuously implement programs in a twofold effort to reach the community and pilots.

Community Outreach

We seek to inform our community neighbors about aircraft performance characteristics and airport arrival and departure procedures. We also provide them the opportunity to contact us with inquiries and complaints.

Airplane noise

Noise Comment Reporting

Our neighbors are encouraged call the noise complaint hotline at (844) 266-6266 or fill out our noise comment form »

Question and Answer hand held orbs

Public Education

Learn more about noise abatement strategies by familiarizing yourself with our:

Aircraft Noise 101 »
Glossary of Terminology »
Frequently Asked Questions »

Noise tracking screen

Tracking the Noise

Our quarterly operations report depicts total noise complaints over 90 days broken down by city and provides an additional graph that shows the total number of households from which the complaints are being generated. View the report »



Pilot Outreach

We reach out to resident tenant pilots, flight schools and transient pilots. We keep them up to date with the latest procedures, we attend meetings and host seminars with extensive Q&A sessions. We talk with transient pilots and explain how important noise mitigation is to us.

San Carlos Half Moon Bay Video Series


San Carlos/Half Moon Bay Video Series

Comprehensive video series depicting stunning new 4K videos designed to show pilots or anyone interested how to fly our voluntary noise abatement procedures at both San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports. We are very proud of how the series turned out. The videos are not only highly informative and educational, they are beautiful and entertaining to watch. View the San Carlos / Half Moon Bay Airports Video Series »


San Carlos Airport Fly Friendly

Fly Friendly Program

San Carlos/Half Moon Bay airport’s fly friendly program has been designed to assess the needs of the surrounding communities and to outline the responsibilities of the pilots flying into and out of our airports. 

Our program consists of voluntary noise abatement procedures which were designed, over time, to provide inbound and outbound flight paths that, to the extent possible, avoid residential areas and reduce the impact of aircraft operations on the community.

Our program also consists of a Fly Friendly video series flown by local pilots that show an airborne perspective of the correct way to utilize each of the voluntary noise abatement procedures. We believe these videos will assist local as well as transient pilots to fly safe, friendly and quiet.

Pilots, please view the Airports' Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures »

San Carlos Airport Air Traffic Control Tower

Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)

The San Carlos Air Traffic Control Tower is a contract Control Tower operated by Serco with oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We partner very closely with the control tower as they are an integral part in the implementation of our noise policies, programs and procedures. 


Noise Abatement Brochures/Airport Information Glossary of Terminology Noise Complaint Form Frequently Asked Questions 90-Day Noise Tracking Report Aircraft Noise 101 FAA Contacts San Carlos / Half Moon Bay Airports Video Series