Project Description

The project includes, but is not limited to, design and construction of a new County Emergency Dispatch and Response facility that will house County essential services operations. The project includes the redevelopment of the Project Site 1 at 551 Winslow Street in Redwood City to accommodate the new Emergency Management Center, or EMC building.  As part of this project component, the existing Motor Pool facility would be demolished onsite and relocated to the Corp Yard (Project Site 2).  The EMC will be defined as an Essential Services Facility (Essential Facility) per the California Building Code, and will be designed to maximize building operation after extreme environmental events such as earthquakes, flooding, wind, and storms.  The EMC will contain a substantial infrastructure of telecommunication, information technology (IT), electrical power, and building conditioning systems.  The EMC will be a facility that will co-locate various County government agencies for effective coordination of emergency response and recovery efforts.  Site improvements include the construction of a new two- to four-story building, approximately 35 feet tall, including an underground basement/tunnel which would adjoin into the existing underground basement/tunnel system within the County Government Center.  Two sub terrain, emergency diesel generators are proposed to serve as backup power sources during times of power failure.  The new EMC building would total approximately 35,000 square feet and would include an at-grade, striped parking lot with for employee and user parking with the option of some new, perimeter landscaping.  The building rooftop would accommodate mechanical equipment and an open patio area for employees.

The existing Motor Pool would be relocated to Project Site 2, located at 752 Chestnut Street in Redwood City.  All existing buildings and structures on the Corp Yard would remain, with the exception of the existing 5,000 square-foot survey shed located along the southern property boundary line.  This building would be demolished and replaced with a new 10,900 square-foot Butler Building constructed of prefabricated steel that would encompass a similar building footprint as the existing structure, however with an increased width of up to 9 to 10 feet.  It would provide space for County survey and sewer personnel, a supervisor’s office, restrooms, a small lobby, and also provide space for file storage.  The existing 2,000 square-foot sewer shop and 3,600 square-foot storage shed, both located at the southeastern extent of the property limits, would be repurposed and utilized for the Motor Pool facility.  Operations of the relocated Motor Pool would include vehicle rental for County employees, auto repair and washing, police radio supply and repair; and auto fueling station.  Project Site 2 also contains a supply room south of the auto repair shop that contains automobile supplies, such as new car batteries, motor oil, cleaners, and tires.  Existing uses currently conducted onsite at the Corp Yard such as office; outdoor and indoor storage, vehicle and equipment storage; and maintenance and repair; would continue to operate at existing capacities under the project.

The project is being procured using a design - build two step process (RFQ and RFP). The site is bounded by 455 County Center to the South, the County parking structure to the East, Winslow Street to the West, and the driveway to the daycare center to the North.