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Canada Road approximately 1.0 mile south of Hwy 92

About the Project

The repair project will repair a failed culvert and fill in a sinkhole with new compacted fill, and add vegetative slope protection on the upstream end to help reduce flow velocities.  

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  • March 2023 - The March 2023 Storms resulted in a failed culvert which developed into a sinkhole. Preliminary site investigations performed. Temporary erosion measures installed to prevent further erosion. 
  • May 2023 - Field Meeting with FEMA for site assessment and repair scope development.
  • August 2023 - Contractor will mobilize and begin construction in September.
  • September 2023 - Contractor excavating and installing stitch pier wall.
  • October 2023 - Contractor installed the pipe and continuing to backfill.
  • November 2023 - Contractor completed the pipe repair and backfill work. Contractor will continue hydroseeding and install a new guardrail on Canada.
  • December 2023 - Construction completed.
  • January 2024 - A layer of baserock was installed to the roadway shoulder.
  • February 2024 - Preparing permitting and other documents for lining the culvert system.
  • March 2024 - Coordination with other local agency on the proposed pipelining work.
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