The TRACE program is funded by money provided under SB 678; developed by the State Legislature to emphasize the use of Evidenced Based Practices in Probation. The population that is targeted with this grant include high risk offenders between the ages of 18 and 30 who may have been sent to prison. SB 678 requires data collection and sharing and that all Department Policies support evidenced based practices. Currently this grant has funded one and a half Deputy Probation Officers, specialized training for them and improvements to our data collection system.

Program Goals

In the TRACE Program probationers receive a comprehensive range of assessment driven cognitive behavioral restructuring classes. These evidence based programs have proven to reduce recidivism. Trained Deputy Probation Officers facilitate the cognitive restructuring classes, all of which target specifically identified criminogenic needs and have been scientifically shown to reduce criminal behavior.

Entry Requirements

  • Must be resident of San Mateo County
  • Must be convicted of a Felony
  • Must be a high risk offender based on a validated assessment
  • Must be between the age of 18 and 30
  • All clients must have a treatment plan developed which addresses their criminogenic needs and details treatment goals, treatment milestones and measures success
  • All clients must attend a minimum of 50 hours of cognitive development training targeting their specific criminogenic need(s)
  • All clients must be seen twice a month by their Deputy Probation Officer and one of these contacts must be at the client's home or place of employment

If you have questions about a court case, contact the San Mateo County Courts.
If you want to know which Deputy Probation Officer is assigned to your case or learn more about the TRACE Program, call (650) 363-4244.