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The Public Safety Realignment legislation (AB 109) required that each county establish a local Community Corrections Partnership (CCP), chaired by the Chief Probation Officer and comprised of the following membership:

(A) The presiding judge of the superior court, or his or her designee.

(B) A county supervisor or the chief administrative officer for the county.

(C) The district attorney.

(D) The public defender.

(E) The sheriff.

(F) A chief of police.

(G) The head of the county department of social services.

(H) The head of the county department of mental health.

(I) The head of the county department of employment.

(J) The head of the county alcohol and substance abuse programs.

(K) The head of the county office of education.

(L) A representative from a community-based organization with experience in successfully providing rehabilitative services to persons who have been convicted of a criminal offense.

(M) An individual who represents the interests of victims.

The CCP is responsible for planning, oversight, implementation, and assessment of San Mateo County realignment clients, programs and services through the use of evidence-based practices and programming that will promote positive behavioral change and outcome to reduce recidivism.


Member Roster

* Executive Committee
Current Membership Title Representing
John T. Keene * Chair Chief Probation Officer
Dave Canepa Member Board of Supervisors
Steve Wagstaffe * Member District Attorney
Elisa Kuhl Member District Attorney’s Office: Victim's Representative
Louise Rogers Member Health System Department
Claire Cunningham * Member Human Services Agency
Jei Africa Member Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
Jennifer Valencia Member Human Services Agency: Employment Services
Neal Taniguchi * Member Superior Court
Ed Barberini * Member Chief, San Mateo Police Department
Karen Francone Member Service League
Christina Corpus * Member Sheriff
Nancy Magee Member County Office of Education
Lisa Maguire Member Private Defender Program