Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services provides information to the courts on individuals who are accused of violating the law and have been arrested, booked into the county jail, and/or have had criminal charges filed against them.   The information is used to assist the courts in determining the release of the individual on their own recognizance (OR).  If the individual is granted release with specific conditions that may include monitoring, the individual will be assigned a Deputy Probation Officer to assist with complying with court directives which includes that they appear in court when ordered.   

Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I do if the Judge orders me released on OR with monitoring conditions? 

You must report to the Probation office within 24 business hours of being granted OR and/or released from custody.  You must also follow all terms and conditions of OR, including appearing at all court dates, set forth by the Judge.

How long will I be on Pretrial Monitoring?

Generally, until the case is adjudicated.

I am not sentenced, so I do not understand what I am doing here? Am I on probation?

No, you are not on probation since you have not been sentenced. The Judge has released you on your OR, and your promise to appear in court. 

If you have questions about a court case, contact the San Mateo County Courts.
If you want to know which Deputy Probation Officer is assigned to your case, call (650) 363-4244.