How long will my child be placed out of the home?

There is no set time that a child will be in out-of-home placement. However, current California state laws require DPO’s to work with the child and family to reunify the family within six to nine months, or earlier when appropriate. The length of stay is determined by a number of factors being taken into consideration, including :the needs of the child and their family, the child’s risk level to the community and if treatment services have been completed. This time can be extended or shortened based on the progress of the child and the family. Court review hearings are set every six-months from the time the child is given a placement order.  At the hearings, the child’s progress in placement is assessed.  Parents need to attend to attend their child’s Court hearings to aid in family reunification efforts. The parents may also receive a copy of the probation report.

How do you choose where my child will be placed?

Placements are referred to as Short-Term Residential Treatment Programs (STRTP’s) and are chosen with the needs of the family and the child in mind. There are a number of STRTP’s that the Placement DPO may choose from that offer different programs, and are located in different areas of the state.. STRTP’s serve children with specific treatment needs, including: substance abuse, varying mental health issues, anger management, self-harming behaviors.  STRTP’s also provide trauma-informed services, academic support, and individual, group and family therapy, etc. For more information, please contact your child’s Placement DPO once your child has received an out-of-home placement order. 

Are the placements monitored?

Yes. All placements are monitored and licensed by the State of California. If any problems arise at a placement, this is brought to the attention of the State and dealt with in a timely manner.

What are my visitation rights?

Each placement has its own standards. The assigned Placement DPO will provide more information regarding visitation once a placement has been identified., Please consult with your child’s Placement DPO.

How is placement paid for?

Parents are not financially responsible for placement related costs pursuant to California Senate Bill-190.