Deputy Probation Officers (DPO) provide support to youth and their families throughout the judicial process, especially during the early stages. After a youth appears in court for an arraignment hearing, the DPO is responsible for meeting with the youth and parent(s)/guardian(s) to conduct a thorough interview and an evidenced-based assessment.

Upon completion of the interview, the DPO will complete a social-studies report for the court. The social-studies report will contain the information gathered during the interview, a recommendation for treatment services, and an appropriate sanction. The information contained in the report includes a description of the offense, victim impact statement, restitution, arresting officer’s statement, prior delinquent history, history of abuse or neglect, family dynamics, health factors, education, substance abuse and a recommendation designed to address areas of need. Once the court renders a disposition, the case will remain with the DPO for supervision.

If you have questions about a court case, contact 650-312-8816, and ask for the assigned Deputy Probation Officer.