The Gang Supervision Unit (GSU) currently consists of five Deputy Probation Officers supervising both juvenile and adult gang members throughout San Mateo County.

Currently there are approximately 40 active gangs in San Mateo County. Gang members and associates are responsible for offenses including, but not limited to the following: murder, witness intimidation, assaults, narcotic sales, auto theft, burglary, extortion, prostitution, car-jacking, and kidnapping. We have GSU Deputy Probation Officers in each one of our offices. They carry caseloads of active gang members and associates, many of whom have Court ordered gang conditions.

The GSU Deputy Probation Officers are involved in the County Gang Task Force, the monthly Gang Action Team meeting and dedicated gang seminars and training. They also participate in on going Narcotic and Vehicle Theft Task Forces. Violent and High-Risk probationers who abscond are targeted with the assistance of the U.S. Marshall's Fugitive Apprehension Strike Task Force (F.A.S.T.) and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Fugitive Team. GSU Probation Officers also work closely with specialized law enforcement units to assist in serving warrants, placing holds, surveillances, and validating gang members in our community.

Gang members are not limited by geographical constraints; therefore, the GSU Deputy Probation Officers work in concert with gang officers in neighboring counties to monitor illegal activities. Our Deputy Probation Officers routinely conduct probation searches, which at times produce firearms, other illegal weapons, narcotics and gang indicia. Chemical testing is also utilized to ensure abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Our services are also available to the community. We provide gang awareness / prevention presentations to schools, civic organizations, counselors, law enforcement, parent education groups, and therapists. We use former gang members through the Jericho Project and former gang members that have been rehabilitated through Probation. These young men and women are driven by a desire to "give back" to the community for the harm they have caused. They serve as an inspiration to young boys and girls as they encourage them not to become involved in the negativity of the gang life.  GSU and the San Mateo County Gang Intelligence Unit reach many members of our community and surrounding jurisdictions with our anti-gang message.

If you have questions about a court case, contact the San Mateo County Courts.
If you want to know which Deputy Probation Officer is assigned to your adult case, call (650) 363-4244.
If you want to know which Deputy Probation Officer is assigned to your juvenile case, call (650) 312-8807.