The Family Preservation Program was developed with the intent to encourage the continuity of the family unit by providing intensive probation supervision to Wards of the Court, who are at high risk for out-of-home placement. This home-based program is appropriate for juveniles, where significant family, emotional and/or mental health issues are present. In an effort to avoid out-of-home placement, the juvenile and parents agree to participate in the Family Preservation Program. The Probation Officer works collaboratively with Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, community based services, Human Services Agency, schools, and other collateral agencies.

The ideal caseload size is 15-18, allowing for intensive supervision, frequent contacts, coordination of resources, and timely response to problems or crises before they escalate. The Probation Officer works closely with the Mental Health therapists, whom provide a range of clinical services for the families. The program allows for the Probation Officer to work with the families to enable them to resolve their own problems, utilize service systems and have the parents advocate for their children in educational and social agencies. In addition, the Probation Officer provide immediate accountability and imposition of consequences to include "Graduated Responses or Options" to detention, i.e., loss of home privileges, home restriction, community service in the Community Care Program to short-term bookings, will be utilized as an adjunct to therapeutic services to facilitate behavior change. A progress review is submitted to the Court every 90 days; at which time, the Probation Officer makes a recommendation as to whether or not the youth's and the family's needs are currently being met or a higher or lower level of service is warranted.

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