Court Services

Pursuant to Section (and subsections) 1203 of the California State Penal Code, the Probation Department (Probation) provides adult presentence investigation services to the Superior Court in cases following a conviction(s) of an offense(s), when ordered. A Judge may refer a case to Probation for preparation of a report, which can assist the Judge in determining an appropriate sentence. The presentence report, also known as the probation report, typically includes biographical data, criminal record information, and some legal stipulations, such as plea negotiations, sentencing ranges and a summary of the present offense. The presentence report also includes other collateral information, such as victim impact statements, restitution determination, and character reference letters submitted on behalf of the defendant. When applicable, doctor's evaluations and other mandated assessments are attached to the report as prescribed by law.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is doing the investigation on my case?

A Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) will be assigned to your case and will contact you by mail and/or telephone. It is highly recommended that you report to Probation after your court appearance to ensure we have your current contact information. You may also call our reception desk at (650) 363-4244 for further assistance.

Is there a form or application to be filled out?

Yes, there is an application for probation which is provided when a presentence report is ordered.  It is required that this form be fully completed prior to the probation interview.  After your court appearance, it is highly recommended that you obtain this application to complete prior to your interview with the DPO.  The form is available at the probation offices in Redwood City, and South San Francisco.

Is it necessary to fill out the entire application?

Yes, please fill out the entire application.

What do I need to bring in for my presentence investigation interview?

Please bring the following items to your presentence interview:

  • Completed probation application
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of employment/verification of income or financial support
  • Medical/mental health documentation you would like the DPO to consider
  • Valid driver's license or state identification card (a picture ID is preferred)
  • Character reference letters you would like the DPO to consider (optional)

If you have questions about a court case, contact the San Mateo County Courts.
If you want to know which Deputy Probation Officer is assigned to your case, call (650) 363-4244.