The CAST Unit supervises our banked caseloads and includes five Deputy Probation Officers (DPOs), two Legal Office Specialists, who provide office clerical support and a Probation Services Manager, the 1st line supervisor. The CAST Unit supervises approximately 2,500 active probationers with cases comprised of misdemeanor and felony adult offenses. The CAST Unit is designed as the "relief valve" for the rest of adult supervision Deputy Probation Officers (DPOs) who handle a selected number of Intensive cases. CAST DPOs provide all supervision services except for  presentencing reports, which are referred back to the Probation Investigations Unit.

CAST Supervision services include:
  • Orienting defendants to the conditions of probation and telephone reporting system (Offenderlink);
  • Setting initial probation plans to effect successful completion of probation;
  • Monitoring and enforcing court orders (including treatment program requirements);
  • Referring offenders to employment and treatment services and resources;
  • Investigating, writing and filing probation violation affidavits and memorandums;
  • Appearing in Court for probation violation conferences and hearings.