Ralston Bike Trail Closed for PG&E Gas Transmission Project Through Dec. 12

The closure to Ralston Bike Trail, a popular connector trail to Crystal Springs Regional Trail, has been extended through Tuesday, December 12, due to delays in paving because of rain.

Crystal Springs Dam Bridge & Connecting Roads Closed to Cars, Dec 6

On Wednesday, December 6, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Crystal Springs Dam Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic at SR35-Skyline Blvd and Crystal Springs Road to Bunker Hill Drive and Hwy 92.

Playground Closures at Coyote Point

Magic Mountain & Beach playgrounds closed Dec 11–12. The playground near Eucalyptus Picnic Area in Coyote Point Recreation Area is closed until replacement parts and repairs can be made.

Pillar Point Bluff Trail Closures

Tuesday–Friday, December 5–8, Pillar Point Bluff's Jean Lauer Trail will be partially closed as crews return to remove dead and unhealthy Monterey Pine on the eastern boundary of the park near the Pillar Ridge Complex.

Follow-up Eucayptus Removal on Northwest of San Bruno Mountain Park, Dec 4–6

From Monday through Wednesday, December 4–6, weather permitting, San Mateo Parks and contractors will work to control regrowth of invasive Eucalyptus across two acres on the northwest boundary of San Bruno Mountain Park, near properties along Florence St. and Mountain View Dr.

Bicycle Sunday Canceled, December 24

For holiday weekends in 2023, Bicycle Sunday, the weekly event that allows for non-motorized use of Cañada Road along Crystal Springs Regional Trail, will be canceled to meet the increased holiday needs for staffing at other parks in the area. Bicyclists and motorists, please be mindful to share the road.

Sawyer Camp Segment Reopens Nov 24

Sawyer Camp segment to reopen on Friday, November 24 after extensive repair. Ralston Bike Trail is closed for PG&E to work on a gas transmission line until November 30.

Parks Main Office Holiday Closures

The San Mateo County Parks Office will be closed for the holidays, Nov 23–24 & Dec 25–Jan 1.

Call for Bids Posted for Realize Flood Park Phase 1 Construction

The Realize Flood Park Phase 1 project is out for rebid with plans and specifications and key dates posted at San Mateo County Public Works.

Bridge Remains Closed; Use Caution When Accessing Beach at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Please use caution when using the stairs to access the beach at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Bridge replacement in progress, but delivery is not expected until December or early January.

Pescadero Creek Park Trail Closures

The area south and west of the park, which was burned by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, remains closed. Other trails remain closed due to storm damage.