Reserve New Memorial Park Dog-Friendly Campsites by Phone

On September 15, Memorial Park's dog-friendly Huckleberry Flat campsites opened for reservation. Each recently constructed campsite features 2 tables, 1 barbecue, and 1 fire pit. Seven of the family sites accommodate up to 12 people and 3 dogs; 1 site is ADA accessible. Another site can accommodate up to 30 campers and 5 dogs. Visitors are required to bring a dog when staying at these campsites.

Yellowjackets Active in Huddart Park During Warm Weather

Yellowjackets or wasps are stinging insects commonly found during the warmer months of the year, especially in picnic areas and nearby.  Yellowjackets can sting repeatedly causing pain

Fall 2023 Closures on Crystal Springs Regional Trail

Repairs begin soon on the 4.5-mile northern portion of the Sawyer Camp segment. Ralston Bike Trail is closed for PG&E to work on a gas transmission line until October 31

Pescadero Creek Park Trail Closures

The area south and west of the park, which was burned by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, remains closed. Other trails remain closed due to storm damage.

San Bruno Mountain Park Closed to Cars, Sep 25–27

September 25–27, San Bruno Mountain Park will be closed to all cars while the main park gates are replaced. Visitors may still enter on foot through the Crocker Gate.

Huddart Park Closures

Lower Huddart Park area is closed for road maintenance and invasive plant management. Some trails and campgrounds remain closed as staff work to clear heavy storm damage.

Bicycle Sunday Canceled For Holiday Weekends 2023

For holiday weekends in 2023, Bicycle Sunday, the weekly event that allows for non-motorized use of Cañada Road along Crystal Springs Regional Trail, will be canceled to meet the increased holiday needs for staffing at other parks in the area. Bicyclists and motorists, please be mindful to share the road.

Quarry Park Trail Closures

We are treating up to 100 acres of dense fire fuels in Quarry Park. Some trail closures will occur, Monday through Friday.

Construction of the Flood Park Pump Track has Begun

Following partial demolition of the tennis courts, contractors broke ground for Flood’s pump track. Construction is expected to continue until early October.

Wunderlich Park Trail Closures

In September and October trails in the southern area of Wunderlich Park will be closed for annual vegetation management within the utility right-of-way.

Flood Park Closures for Pest Management in August & September

Flood Park will be closed select days in August and September to resume a pest management plan aimed at reducing the large ground squirrel population that continues to damage to buildings, walkways, and significant park trees.