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Following up on the successful completion of two key projects, the County Network Upgrade and the P25 Public Radio Upgrade, ISD and the County of San Mateo have the opportunity to work with other local agencies — cities, school districts, public safety agencies, and others — to leverage this new infrastructure to serve more of the County.

The recent network upgrade improved the overall county infrastructure — based on a fiber-optic cable backbone — to significantly improve the speed and reliability of the network. This network provides the infrastructure for voice, video, and applications that support public access, economic development, educational opportunities, access to government services, and disaster readiness. With this new infrastructure, other local agencies (e.g. cities, school districts) can share this fiber backbone and can connect older networks to this new fiber. The County is working with other agencies to connect to the County fiber backbone. To download a flyer on the County Shared Fiber Services, click the document below or

The new San Mateo County Radio System is a crucial piece of our infrastructure that supports critical communication for first responders, public safety, and overall operations. The County has recently upgraded its radio system for county-wide use to the P25 Digital Wireless Industry Standard. This new system has proven interoperability, is compatible with different radio hardware, and is scalable. Current users of the system include Public Works, Sheriff’s Office, Humane Society, Probation, Coroner, AMR Ambulance, and SamTrans. This new system will be more cost-effective and address the historical issues of limited interoperability which prevented ease in coordination during natural disasters and emergencies that are shared across boundaries.  To download a flyer on the San Mateo County Radio System, click the document below or

For more information on either the County Shared Fiber Services or the San Mateo County Radio System, please contact Jose Mejia (fiber) or Tom Meyers (radio).