The Information Services Department (ISD) of the County of San Mateo supports a number of programs and applications that are available to the public, including residents of the county as well as other municipal agencies and community-based organizations. ISD encourages the public to explore and use these programs. The following are direct links to the various programs:

  • Open Data - Open San Mateo County, access to the County's Open Data Portal, Open Performance, Open Expenditures, Unclaimed Checks, and other information about County performance and financial management
  • GIS - Access to the County's Graphical Information Systems, including Assessor Property Records and other data which leverages GIS functionality
  • SMC Public WiFi - The home page of the SMC Public WiFi project, listing available locations and usage data
  • Shared Services - A review of Fiber Services and Public Safety Radio Services available for use by other local agencies