The County of San Mateo County believes that technology can help improve government by building stronger connections – both within the County government as well as between the County and its residents – that support our shared vision of a healthy and safe, prosperous, livable, environmentally conscious, and collaborative community. We are living in an exciting time for information technology with an ever-changing landscape to which we must continually adapt. But this landscape provides an opportunity to build stronger connections by better engaging with residents, providing services more effectively and efficiently, and empowering the public to better understand, use, and share information.

The Information Services Department (ISD) of San Mateo County continually manages various initiatives, delivered through infrastructure, data, and services, to support the County’s vision and to build these connections. These initiatives include:

  • Application Modernization – upgrading county-wide systems to ensure maximum performance and security
  • Awards & IT Trends – a review of larger trends in technology and recognition for the County in the area of technology innovation
  • Customer Service – 24/7 support for the more than 5,000 County employees and contractors to ensure the operations of the County are smooth and effective
  • GIS – leveraging Geographic Information Systems to visualize and map data for public safety, public works, and other functions
  • Network & Infrastructure – building, enhancing, and supporting critical communication infrastructure for voice, data, and applications
  • Open Government – creating greater transparency of government operations and other relevant county-wide information
  • Public Safety – supporting law enforcement and criminal justice systems to make them more effective
  • SMC Public WiFi – the County's program of installing public WiFi hot spots in various public places in the county