Thursday, Aug 15, 2019
  • BOS Warren Award recipient

    The County of San Mateo believes in the recognition of employees, their positive actions, and outstanding efforts in service to the community. On August 6 the Board of Supervisors honored and commended Public Safety Communicates Assistant Director Robert L. Lotti for his heroic action in saving the life of his co-worker.

    On June 26, 2019, staff from the Office of Public Safety Communications were meeting during the lunch hour for a strategic planning session when Mr. Lotti quickly recognized that a fellow employee was choking and immediately performed the Heimlich Maneuver until the blocking food was dislodged and Public Safety Communications Manager Natasha Claire--Espino could breathe easily, again. 

    Because of Mr. Lotti's quick thinking, recognition of the severity of the situation, and immediate action, he averted a medical emergency of which could have led to a very tragic outcome.

    "Be prepared," he said. "Having a basic understanding of first-aid and CPR is a good thing. Get trained and you'll know what to do, too."

    Known as a thoughtful and caring person with a great sense of humor, Mr. Lotti will also go down in County of San Mateo history as a hero!