Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Safety of our residents is a top priority here in San Mateo County. No one exemplifies this priority more than Citizen for a San Mateo County Gun Buyback. This Non-Profit led by Nilu Jenks, Becky Dodson and Danielle Lacampagne organized a successful gun buyback on May 5th where 427 fully functional weapons were turned in for cash, including 16 assault style weapons by over 150 gun owners.

    It was an extremely popular program with hundreds of citizens willing and thankful for the opportunity to receive some cash in exchange for their unwanted weapons. This gun exchange was completely anonymous with no questions asked. Citizens waited in line for up to two hours to give their fully functional weapons to the sheriffs. $136,100 funds were raised for the buyback and $42,300 were spend purchasing back the weapons. The remaining funds will be used for future gun buybacks and gun safety education in San Mateo County.

    In addition to Nilu Jenks, Becky Dodson and Danielle Lacampagne, I would also like to thank Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, Congreswoman Jackie Speier, Congresswoman Ann Eshoo, Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, and the City partners for their outstanding leadership in the 2018 San Mateo County Gun Buyback.