Monday, Aug 10, 2015
Carol Marks
  • In May, the North Fair Oaks Community Council (NFOCC) and the North Fair Oaks Public Art Workgroup invited local artists to transform utility boxes into works of art on the streets of North Fair Oaks and to create a design for entrance signs for North Fair Oaks.

    Utility Boxes: Designs from local student and artist, Shane Oseguera, were the preferred submissions approved by the Council. The utility boxes are located on the corner of 5th Avenue and Middlefield Road; the corner of Middlefield Road and 8th Avenue in front of Garfield School, and at 5th Avenue and Semicircular Road. The box in front of Garfield School was completed with the help of young artists from the Siena Youth Center who thoroughly enjoyed the chance to participate.

    Entrance Signs: Local artist Kent Manske's four, brightly-colored silhouette entrance signs were the preference of a community meeting and ultimately approved by the North Fair Oaks Community Council. The signs are approximately 10 feet tall and you can't miss them! Last week the signs were installed on the eastern adn western ends of 5th Avenue and on the northern end of Middlefield Road near the Fair Oaks Community Center and on the southern end near St. Anthony's Church.

    To learn more abou the work of the North Fair Oaks Public Art Workgroup, visit the Public Art webpage on or call Ellie Dallman, (650) 363-4084.