Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015
Carol Marks
  • Remember your very first job? Remember how hard it was to get without any experience?

    Every year, One East Palo Alto, an organization that brings together all of the community of East Palo Alto, holds a fundraiser for their Sponsored Employment Program (SEP) which helps young people from the city find paid internships and their very first job. This year they will place the 1000th young person.

    This program helps youth get their foot in the door and gain invaluable experience that teaches them what is expected on the job. It gives them responsibility, introduces them to the adult world, and puts some spending money in their pocket. It’s an incredibly positive program. Dr. Faye McNair-Knox, the Director of One East Palo Alto, began this program as a way to help young people get a start in the working world. 

    I want to congratulate the 2015 honorees including Dr. Gloria Hernandez-Goff, Superintendent of the Ravenswood City School District, Andres Connell, Executive Director of Nuestra Casa, and the Rev. Mary Frazier, Senior Pastor from the Bread of Life Evangelistic Outreach and me.  Special thanks to One East Palo Alto for the work they do in the community every day.