Monday, Jun 15, 2015
Carol Marks
  • Have you ever had a supply of extra drugs that you didn't know what to do with? San Mateo County has a program that allows people to drop off drugs, even controlled prescription drugs. There's no paperwork. It's just a self-service drop off into what looks like old mailboxes at several police departmetns or the Sheriff's Office in Redwood City.

    These drop-off boxes have been well used. They help protect our water supply (as people toss leftover drugs in the toilet) and prevent accidentally and intentionally consumed drugs. But they have limits. Not everyone can make the time to go to the existing drop-off boxes.

    But our Board recently took steps to expand this program. The newly adopted Medicine Disposal Program will designate an additional 15+ locations in the County where people can drop off their extra drugs safely. More importantly, the drop-off boxes will be conveniently located inside drugstores that often have extended hours. The cost will be borne by the drug manufacturers. This pioneering program will start in January 2016. Hopefully it will become the standard everywhere!