Thursday, Aug 18, 2016
Carol Marks
  • The Board of Supervisors unanimously supported the placement of a measure on the November ballot that, if approved by a majority of voters, would extend the current Measure A half-cent sales tax for an additional 20 years. That ballot assignment for this measure is Measure K.

    The 75-word ballot question reads:

    To ensure San Mateo County quality of life by retaining/improving critical facilities/services, such as: providing affordable homes for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, families; enhancing public transit; combatting human trafficking; addressing sea level rise; maintaining safe schools and neighborhoods; high-quality preschool and reading programs; park maintenance; and low-income healthcare, shall San Mateo County extend the existing half-cent sales tax, without increasing the rate, providing $85,000,000 annually for 20 years that the State cannot take away?

    If authorized by the voters, funds will be used to provide essential County services and facilities that its residents rely on, such as:

    · Providing affordable homes for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and families; 
    • Maintaining transit services for the elderly and people with disabilities; 
    • Combatting human trafficking; 
    • Maintaining emergency operations and 911 police, fire, and paramedic dispatch; 
    • Maintaining child abuse protection programs; 
    • Maintaining healthcare for low-income children, seniors, and people with disabilities; 
    • Maintaining fire and emergency medical (paramedic) response; 
    • Maintaining pre-school, after-school, and library programs for children and teens, including reading programs and
       homework centers; 
    • Addressing the effects of sea level rise; and
    • Keeping County parks open.

    To learn more about the impact being made in our communities by Measure A—check out this website. It chronicles the Measure A funding commitments that have been made and the contributions to the various communities.

    Now it is up to the voters to decide whether or not to extend the duration of the half-cent sales tax.