Thursday, May 10, 2018
  • As your Supervisor, one of my top priorities is to support children. A few months ago, Catholic Charities came to me to ask for my help with their special soccer tournament – Fútbol con Corazón – for unaccompanied minors in San Mateo County. When I heard San Mateo County has the largest population of unaccompanied minors, I was pleased to sponsor a one-time Measure K grant of $5,000 to Catholic Charities.

    The idea was born several years ago when Catholic Charities asked their unaccompanied minors the question: “If you could have anything what would you like?” Their answer was surprisingly simple: “Can we play soccer?”

    Many of these children fled violence in their home countries where a simple game of soccer in the park was very dangerous. This soccer tournament means they are now in a safe place to play and just be kids.

    For more information on Catholic Charities please visit: