Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014
Carol Marks
  • Thanks to PG&E and our County's Public Works Department, energy-saving LED streetlights were recently installed in North Fair Oaks as part of the first phase of the PG&E Turnkey program in the Menlo Park Highway Lighting District. The old sodium vapor fixtures were replaced with more efficient LED streetlight fixtures that:

    • Last 3 - 5 times longer
    • Require less maintenance
    • Decrease energy usage and CO2 emissions by 70%
    • Provide better light
    • Yield an annual energy cost saving of nearly $18K per year

    A second streetlight construction project along Bay Raod, Street Street, Charter Street and 2nd Avenue will begin shortly. The underground system powering the lights in this area failed and the entire system has to be replaced. Because the streetlights in this area are connected by a series loop (sort of like lights on a Christmas tree) - when one fails they all go out! 

    Construction is expected to take 90 days (weather, weekends and holidays excepted). When completed, this stretch will also be lit with efficient LED streetlight fixtures making it easier to see and more safe.