Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
  • You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need, like the venerable Mick Jagger says –

    A good plan to solve transportation woes will be about compromise and community input. The Get Us Moving Campaign (GUM) presented an update on the outreach for the transportation initiative and the draft investment plan in our last Board Meeting and I want to thank all of those involved in leading the GUM process. It was a great success with more than 14,500 response by mail and online.  

    When people evaluate the plan, it is important not to just look at the expenditures but the principles developed to help guide in establishing the priorities.

    Reducing congestion on our freeways, significantly expanding capacity on Caltrain, upgrading our local streets and filling potholes, expanding our bike pedestrian trails and upgrading our Bus system, paratransit, service for seniors and express bus service that will draw people out of their cars.

    I am excited about the potential for creating a regional rail service that will connect us to the east bay and beyond. It is critical to sustaining our strong local economy and will provide our residents new options to strong local economy and will provide out resident new option to travel throughout the region. Dumbarton rail is now recognized by the state and regional leaders as the critical link to develop this network.

    To view the full GUM presentation please click the following link: