Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017
  • As Supervisor, I have had the opportunity to fund programs through district-specific Measure K money that can make a real difference in people's lives and in our community.

    I am proud to tell you about three of the Measure K projects that I have funded, two this month and one from last year. This month, I supported the San Mateo County History Museum in its request for kiosks which will allow immigrants and migrants to San Mateo County to tell their stories.  I also granted One East Palo Alto its request to fund individualized family immigration planning sessions.  In September, I also attended an open house at Casa Circulo Cultural where they showcased the improvements that were made possible by my Distract 4 Measure K funds. The common link for each of these programs is that they recognize and honor the unique needs, culture and contributions of immigrant populations in our community.

    The contributions of immigrants touch every aspect of our lives, from our partners, colleagues, and friends to our doctors, caretakers, and military personal. The History Museum and Casa Circulo Cultural celebrate these contributions and share stories through history and/or artistic expression. And yet, some immigrants struggle to lead stable lives because of fears related to their immigration status. It is through programs like One East Palo Alto’s Know Your Rights, that families will benefit from working one-on-one with someone who understands how to navigate the complex immigration system and can guide families through it.

    I'm honored that my contributions will ensure that immigrants are both celebrated and protected.