Tuesday, May 05, 2015
Carol Marks
  • On Sat., May 2nd, we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the County's newest park, Friendship Park in North Fair Oaks as part of the Streets Alive! Parks Alive! festival! I was delighted to be joined by Supervisor Carole Groom, President of our Board, and her staff. Friendship Park has become what we all hoped it would be – thriving, blooming, and in full swing! Special thanks to the creators:

    Rotary Club of Redwood City
    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - who allowed us to develop the park on their land!
    Sheriff’s Activities League (SAL)
    SMC Health System
    SMC Parks Department
    SMC Sheriff Greg Munks


    The Best Thing about Friendship Park: it's a great place for kids!

    The Next Best Thing: it's a great place for gardeners!