Wednesday, Nov 06, 2013
  • At the November 5th Board of Supervisors meeting, my colleagues and I recognized the amazing people that saved the lives of hundreds of Redwood City residents this year or helped these fire victims rebuild their lives. Chief Jim Skinner of the City of Redwood City did a masterful job of coordinating the responding fire departments. The recent fires were six-alarm fires requiring complicated rescues of injured and medically fragile individuals from multi-story buildings. The disaster response team set up shelter, provided clothing, medical attention, counseling, medicine, food, transportation, translation services and new housing opportunities for the fire victims. The fire departments, police departments, businesses, nonprofits, city and county agencies, community organizations, individuals, and churches responded immediately. Beverly Beasley Johnson, the Director of the County’s Human Services Agency and Teri Chin, the Director of the Fair Oaks Community Center moved mountains to help the victims rebuild their lives. My colleagues and I know that it required working around the clock in the most difficult circumstances. The responders were generous beyond measure. They are heroes.