Tuesday, Sep 22, 2015
Carol Marks
  • Project WeHope recently acquired a "Dignity on Wheels" mobile shower, toilet and laundry facilities to serve the homeless. They unveiled it in North Fair Oaks, parking the trailer unit, truck and mobile water tank outside the Fair Oaks Community Center. Shortly after I arrived, a homeless man showed up with laundry in his backpack and headed for the showers. 

    Finding a safe, clean, private and free place to take a shower and launder your clothes is one of the daily problems faced by the homeless in our County. Removing this obstacle is liberating; it restores the dignity that comes from being able to maintain personal hygiene. Thanks to a donation from Tide, no one needs to buy laundry soap and haul and store it for future use. It's available at the Dignity on Wheels facility for anyone who stops by to use the facility. 

    One of the great features of this mobile unit is that it is self-contained and can travel almost anywhere. It can be set up without access to power or wate. The unit comes with a water tank and systems to handle both the gray and black water. It can be moved and set up near homeless encampments making it easier for clients to access the facility.  

    Pastor Paul Bains of Project WeHope had the vision to seek funding for this needed facility. I was proud to recommend Measure A funding. A visitation schedule is being developed to make sure that people know when and where they can get a shower and/or launder clothes.

    The Dignity on Wheels unit was purchased with $50,000 in Measure A funding and matched by a $50,000 from Santa Clara County thanks to the leadership of Supervisor Joe SimitianPhilanthropic Ventures Foundation, Tide Detergent, Garden Court Hotel, Jana and Tim Sullivan and many others also helped fund this mobile hygiene station.