Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018
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    There are too many stories of families relocating outside of San Mateo County due to the high cost of living that’s why I am proud to say that my colleagues and I approved funding to preserve over 100 units for low-income families in North Fair Oaks.

    Thanks to the $6.5 million-dollar fund, over 200 people and 100 children will be able to remain at Redwood Trailer Village. This effort was a result of a 4-year collaboration with multiple county departments. To read the full story visit - "Affordable units preserved in North Fair Oaks."

    In addition, my colleagues and I approved a $4 million-dollar loan to the St. Francis Center for the acquisition of 180 Buckingham where 250 low-income people will be housed.

    I am happy to say all these 550 community members will continue to live, work, play and raise their families in North Fair Oaks!

    I want to thank all who worked on these efforts: Department of Housing, Human Services Agency, County Counsel, Department of Public Works, Legal Aid Society, Rebuilding Together, St, Francis Center, Office of Community Affairs and my staff.