Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014
Carol Marks
  • San Mateo Credit Union, under the leadership of President/CEO Barry Jolette has been providing generous support to the community of North Fair Oaks since 1999. The credit union provides not only monetary contributions but staff resources to the Sheriff’s Office Community Alliance to Revitalize Our Neighborhood (CARON) program, The NFO Community Festival, Art Contest, and the NFO Be Seen Keepin' it Clean event. They are ever present in the community's programs and festivities, giving freely of time, energy, ideas and financial support. They have been invaluable partners and that is due in large measure to the leadership of Barry Jolette and his assistant and manager of external affairs, Connie Panagua. San Mateo Credit Union has had a branch in North Fair Oaks since 2007 providing financial products and services to the residents of the community of North Fair Oaks - the first and only banking institution to locate in the neighborhood - "Where people are worth more than money!"  Kudos!