Thursday, Aug 01, 2019
  • United Through Education photo collage

    There is nothing more important than the education of our children and that's exactly what Familias Unidas does.

    This Summer it was a pleasure to speak at the graduation of Familias Unidas, where 65 families completed educational workshops. All families worked hard each workshop and completed incredible art projects with their children.

    Familias Unidas is a program that empowers parents on the educational process and helps them become more involve in their children’s education. Ninfa Zuno and Secundino Zuno are the creators of Familias Unidas, who also teach all workshops. They focus on teaching families parenting tools and the importance of reading to their children.

    One of the parents said, "it helped me a lot to better support my daughter with her reading and be more attentive with her." I am proud of the great work Familias Unidas does but most importantly I am proud of every single one of the participants who is dedicated to their children’s education.

    Here is to the future of the children.