Monday, May 09, 2016
Carol Marks
  • As San Mateo County voters and election observes will recall, last year San Mateo County conducted its first All-Mailed Ballot Election through legislation carried by Assembly Member Kevin Mullin known as Assembly Bill 2028. The legislation required a follow-up analysis and report to determine voter participation levels, turnout by demographic groups, operational costs, etc. Here are the findings from this historic election.

    Not only will this information be invaluable to our Chief Elections Officer and the cities, towns, school districts and special districts in San Mateo County and our voters, this information will be considered by the State Legislature as it determines the future of vote by mail in California.

    Special thanks Assembly Member Kevin Mullin, the local jurisdictions in San Mateo County, and our voters who took this historic step forward in elections. I have been an advocate for vote-by-mail and this study validates its value for voters, candidates and election offices alike. 

    Thanks also to Chief Elections Officer Church for investing dollars in outreach to ensure that the voters of our County were apprised in the change to our election and able to vote without confusion.